And my Clio Goes to… Ebates!

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Ebates, a company offering cash back for online shopping, upheld its TV commercial promise and delivered in every way. Check out my Ebates review and start using it for yourself now!

Quick Breaks

During a recent hotel stay, I was forced to watch a lot of commercials.  My feelings on the matter were all over the board … irked (why so many), longing (for my TIVO), bored (I’m obvi not the target market), pained (thumb aches from channel surfing), and shocked (whoa - what is this Ebates thing?). As most commercials intend to do, but rarely accomplish, I checked it out, tried it, and am now a huge fan!

As Seen on TV

So, spare yourself enduring a TV commercial and take my advice:  try Ebates now!   It rewards online shopping with cash back from 1500+ online retailers you normally shop with use of a simple bookmark.  For example, in the past 2 weeks $3.23 accrued in my ebank account from purchases at Shutterfly, Paper Source, and Tiny Prints; without changing my behavior, this trend equates to $83.98 in annual earnings.

Bait & Hook

If Ebates is the bait, then I’m hooked.  The only thing I’d change is the name.  I would have chosen OMGbates, Wheebates, EZbates, or Freebates over Ebates because it is way more convenient than traditional rebates.  Overall, I’m elated with my usage and know you will be too … try Ebates out NOW because they are offering a $10 sign-up bonus (and help support my blog by doing so because their referral rates are nice)!
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