‘Cause I Try and I Try and I Try and I Try

image of ratings on a customer satisfaction surveyI can't get no satisfaction by not trying, so that's why I spend a minute here or there participating in customer satisfaction surveys that are printed out at the end of receipts offering the chance to win a sweepstakes.

Hey hey hey

Some of the retailers that I’ve noticed with this incentive are Home Depot, CVS, WhichWhich, and Bruegger’s.  (Do you know of others? Comment below!) Each has differences, but what I’ve gathered from the fine print is that the odds of winning are about 1/700 and the amount of time it takes to fulfill the requirements is 1 minute.  Extrapolated out and if I win, my time would be worth ~ $87/hr … not so bad.

That’s what I say

Even if I’m not the big winner, this feedback loop is a great way to share quick thoughts with companies so that they can improve (and I know this to be true since I worked at Target where a red/yellow/green score was valued and a purposeful anecdotal customer quote was king). Regardless - so far I've done about 8 of these; wish me continued luck as I put the action in satisfaction with the remaining 692 I have left to do until I triumph!
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