Hand Deliver”Free”

an envelope with no postage symboilizing free hand delivery

Hand delivery is a handy tip on how to save money on postage. It may be a bit manual, but man the savings can add up over time. Open this virtual mail now!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Moola Mom household … so said the unworked pile of 125 greeting cards, envelopes, postage, closing stickers, and return-labels.  It's no wonder that the holidays make people go postal! Alright, truth be told … I finished and sent off those bad boys in yesterday’s mail. The all-in time it took to select, order, arrange, address, and mail out this heap of joyful messaging engrossed nearly 4hr of my life.  And, to polish it off I spent another 10min hand-delivering 14 of them to my neighbors (even in a 6in snowdrift) because that saved me $6.86 or 11.2% of my total postage cost.  I know - I’m like a postage stamp, sticking to something until I get there. Just imagine the savings over time if I do this annually for every festivity card, birthday invite, or other party gathering ... hand delivery quickly builds to make a nice impact on the bottom line. If you like this advice, go ahead and send me some fan mail ... I'd love to hear from you!
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