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work from home

At first, I was skeptic of the all-too-good-to-be-true stories of people that work from home and make a gainful living.  But the more I put that judgment aside and sought to understand, the more I realized that it works quite well for some people - including myself.

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Remiss & Reward

missing moneyA friend recently let me in on a secret. She was funding some pricey whims and fancies with a heap of cash ($1500, to be precise) earned through a quick search on

This site,, has state and provincial governments across the country work together to safeguard and return lost funds. Intrigued, I grabbed my iPhone and did a query. By just entering my first/last name (present and maiden) along with current residence, a national list of possible matches returned. To my surprise, I had an outstanding claim under $100.  After then entering my social and a current mailing address, the check arrived within 2 business days and I was $50 richer. I couldn’t believe the ease and the results of this service so I carved another 10min out of my crazy life to perform the search for my close friends and family; I found matches for 6 of my closest 20 peeps , a 30% effective rate.  The big earner was my husband who had FIVE entitlements … one of which was over $250 so he had to fork over a $5 fee for a notarized signature – a good ROI if you ask me. So, don’t miss out on this opportunity to find your missed money.  Comment below with your success rate; I promise that I won’t request a finder’s fee for bringing this prospect to your attention!
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