Bread and Butter

a slice of bread and butter, symbolizing the title of her post bread ends

Guilt gets me when I throw away bread ends because it creates food waste and money drain. Can my new habit be the best thing since sliced bread?

Our Daily Bread

A wave of onus panged me as I recently made PBJ sandwiches for my kids and avoided using the 2 bread ends, which I mindlessly tossed into the trash.  This routine act of disregarding the first/last slice in the bag just didn’t make sense; if I gluttonously eat all slices (including the knobby ends) in any restaurant bread basket, why was I above the crusty ends of my own grocery loaf?

Bread of Life

This series of events prompted me to do some research – finding Feeding America to state that 70 billion pounds of food are wasted in our country each year. With a U.S. population of ~320 million, mathematically each citizen (including little 'ole guilty me) is responsible for an annual 218 lbs. of food waste. It was then that I realized I was on the “heels” of something important …

"Wonder" Bread

To do my part, I resolved (with no ifs, ands, or butts) to start eating those butts!  And – surprise, surprise – it paid off not only in a larger green effort but also in my personal bread and butter bank account!  Check it out:  104 loaves a year (@ 2/week) = 208 end pieces = 9.44  wasted loaves (at 22 slices/loaf according to = $22.38 annual savings (at $2.37/loaf as said by NationMaster).  OK, that’s just “knead-o”!
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2 thoughts on “Bread and Butter

  1. I only use the ends for toast, but often throw them out. If you are going to eat them, do it as the last two pieces because they help to keep the middle pieces from going bad.

    1. I use the last two end pieces as pbj sandwiches with the crusty sides on the inside of the sandwich.

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