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Here is a thorough description of my exclusive approach for referring money-making apps. Membership in the Wom-Mom club is free and easy, allowing wealth to spread via your referral codes!

Referral Marketing Works

Referral marketing, sometimes also called word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing, is a powerful and important component for every business.; according to a Nielsen study, 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising. Moola Mom is no exception to this rule; in fact, Moola Wom-Mom  was started on the concept alone.

The Power of Moola Mom

I wouldn’t say that I’m an influencer at heart, but I would say that people actively seek and trust my judgment on all things big and small (products, restaurants, doctors, travel, hobbies, parenting, philosophy, finances, etc.).  So, I happily share my secrets because I find energy in conversation and in helping others.

Money-making Apps are a Thing

One particular enlightening moment of truth occurred when my mom asked for my opinion on new apps to install on her iPhone.   I gladly responded to her that I had discovered a whole new genre:  money-making apps! You see, at the time I was 3 months into my journey and had already accumulated $240.25 in cash from mindless nighttime activity on my phone (while waiting for my son to fall asleep – that part is not recommended, wink).

$preading the Word

As you can imagine, she was curious. “Really?  You are on track to make nearly $1,000 this year by just pushing buttons on your phone?” she asked.   “Yes. Really!”  I replied.  So, I told her more about it – covering digital coupons, receipt collections, search bars, tasks/surveys, panel trackers, and even paid emails.  And then, I showed her how simple it was to get started … and off she went on her own journey. Fast forward and I’d say that it’s going well according to a text that I recently received:
"Mom’s into those apps. You created an app monster." - Gary Sr.

$haring the Wealth

The reason I’m sharing this story this isn’t just for the sake of it.  I want to create a culture for my followers that encourages them to consider themselves valued partners in my business.  And, believe me, this business took a lot of blood/sweat/tears and money to get off the ground. In brainstorming, the most effective way I could think to accomplish this goal was to find a mutually beneficial solution that vests us together on our own journey.

Become a Moola Wom-Mom Now ... For Free*

With that said, here is my proposition Of the below listed 5 apps, choose 2 and sign up using my referral code/link.  Then, send me an email with proof of your participation/support.  Once complete, I will include your name (or user name) along with your own 5 referral codes in my membership page as a certified Moola Wom-Mom.  This will give you added credibility, ease, and convenience when building out your own referral network! Thanks for listening; now, let’s get talking about becoming a Moola Wom-Mom! * Note:  Should you already be using  downloaded these apps and just want to give them higher visibility on my website, you can do so for a fee of $25.  Contact me to complete this transaction.
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