Bag Fulla Swag

a woman holding a bag to demonstrate gifts gotten from swagbucks

Now, I’m no celebrity (yet) … but, I do dream of the day that I get doted on with event swag-bags full of cool stuff. Until then, I make do with the next best thing:  Swagbucks App.

This is a handy little app (try Swagbucks now) allows you to earn free gift cards when you shop online, take simple surveys, search online, and discover promo codes. In fact, over $231 million has been paid to members and I can personally account for claiming $25 of it that I made with 1-minute daily engagement in answering the poll (~1pt/day) and collecting swag codes notifications (~6pt/day). This simple behavior added up to ~2500pt/year that got me a $25 giftcard used to buy my own swag!  Now, I know that the math isn’t drool-worthy because even a minute/day adds up to ~5hr a year @ only a $5/hr payout. But, here’s the but; I’ve yet to “Swag-shop” since I tend to use Ebates … however, with some research I’ve noticed that they compete and this week Macy’s deal on Swagbucks is better @ 7% off vs. Ebates at 6%. I’m assuming they do this regularly with their other offers like Walmart, Amazon, Groupon, Expedia, etc.  So, I’m going to try shopping on Swagbucks later this week and Instagram about the procedure/results; you should follow along or follow suit (& try Swagbucks now) if you can handle the swag!
ps.  If you do try Swagbucks now along with any other 2 of my referral codes, I'll publish your own referral codes on my website as an official WOM-MOM member - shown here
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