Here are answers to commonly asked questions that I receive on subjects relating to my blog, website, and business.  

Is this a “Mom’s Blog”?

Of course it is - I'm Moola Mom blogging about money in the hopes that other "Moola Moms" will benefit from this content and community! That said, I do welcome fellow Moola Dads, Moola Grads, Moola Babies, Moola Kids, Moola Singles, Moola Seniors and the like to visit, to contribute, and to share.  Consider this blog 100% non-exclusive!

What is the meaning behind your logo?

Though open to interpretation, the essence I was going for was part “super hero”, part “mom”, and part “generous”.  I had help from a great designer on Crowdspring.com (link here), to bring this vision to life.  We did lots of revisions to get it just right – including the pigmentation that plays up the color of money (#85BB65).

 Why do you use all the ‘S’ alliteration?

A common trope in literature, the occurrence of the same letter at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words provides mood, creates rhythm, and aides in memory.  Not only that, but the letter S can easily be modified into a dollar sign $ (which in this case plays on words, helping us have a little fun).

How did you decide on using $25.72 as the dollar per hour rate used in calculations found in some of the $aving posts?

To be as accurate as possible when estimating savings, I chose to use as a base the Census Bureau's 2014 US median household income rate of $53,482.  Divided by 52 weeks and a 40 hour work week, the rate is $25.72/hour.  While some earn more and others less, this should work as a fair reference point.

In what manner do you assign Overall Scores to you review posts?

While it may seem subjective, I actually have a proprietary algorithm that I use to assess all products against to fairly justify a ranking.  It is five-tiers, including measurement of time, quality, value, service, and miscellaneous components.  Detailed notes are kept for personal reference, but what is most important are the pros and cons that I summarize for my readers in a digestible and easy to retain format. NOTE:  I am always approachable and strive to be transparent, so please do contact me with your inquiries!