Content Overview

Category overviews and tagging hierarchy that describe how I have chosen to organize the variety of my content are further explained here.


Moms are busy and always on the go. But that doesn't stop them (or anyone else for that matter) from making some moola.  Check out this section where I’ll highlight ways to make cash as they go about their day - via earned, passive, or portfolio income!


You worked hard for your moola, so make it work hard for you.  That's where my list of new ways to make a dollar last comes into play - with couponing strategies, loyalty plays, and personal savviness!


Money can’t buy everything… but then again neither can no money.  That's why my motto remains:  Keep calm and shop wisely.  I put a lot of consideration into where my moola goes and why it does.  Detailed out in posts will be a range of topics – from theory to merchandise math to payment types!


Time is money.  Therefore, the best way to save money is to bank some time!  Being a full-time mother, I have collected and invented many nuggets of wisdom in this arena.  So long as you don't judge me ... this section soon share some of my favorite ways to cut corners – in home, at work, or on the go!


My fascination (or as some say, fixation) with the psychology of moola will finally be put to good use in this section of the blog!  Let's get rolling with some lessons that will help you better control your cash – by means of education, retail psychology, and cognitive biases!


A wise person once said:  “If you want to feel rich, just count the things you have that money can’t buy.”  Makes perfect sense to me.  Therefore, this part of the blog is dedicated towards miscellaneous stuff- of giving, fun/philosophical quips, and reviews!