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Who I am

Hi, I’m Moola Mom! I believe that all people can control their financial destiny and my wish is for everyone to maximize their means. Philosophically, I dream big and work hard – leveraging planning, discipline, and levity to achieve goals.

What MoolaMom.com is all about

This blog is my way of introducing personal solutions that resourcefully balance time, quality, and money. My intent is to apply this trifecta to personal economics – specifically focusing on securing, stretching, and spending moola. Additionally, I will explore tertiary areas of saving, studying, and sharing money.

Where Moola Mom’s audience originates from

Similar to the popular blog niche called “frugal living,” my site’s content will explore all areas of fiscal living. Myself, I have been on both sides of the coin and feel that there is room for practicality in all income brackets.

Why Moola Mom can be trusted

Since we don’t know each other too well yet, here are my credentials: • Academically, I earned a Marketing BA & Spanish BS from Notre Dame and received my Marketing/Management MBA from Carlson. • Professionally, I have 15yr executive experience at a Fortune 100 firm specializing in merchandising, strategy, and technology. I also am an adjunct lecturer at the U of MN. • Personally, I am blessed to be queen of the household that I share with my husband and three boys. My hobbies include the arts and sleeping.

When the inspiration for Moola Mom emerged

From an early age, I’ve been healthily neurotic about money. Maybe, it is my nature. The entrepreneurial spirit did grab me at age 8 when I started my own legitimate business. Or, perhaps nurture had something to do with it. Could be - growing up, my family’s early homestead was a trailer park in Miami, FL and I watched as my family comfortably grew into the middle class. Either way, it doesn’t matter. Somewhere along the line, the idea for Moola Mom was born (July'15), nurtured (Aug-Nov'15), privately launched (Dec'15), and publicly marketed (Apr'16).

How you can engage with Moola Mom

Many thanks to family, friends, and visitors like you for helping to make this blog a success; together we can make money talk. I plan to regularly add new content so check back often and please share relevant posts with others who might find them valuable!

Want to know more?

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