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abcs of the restaurant appApps + Bonuses = Content Customers


When I worked in downtown Minneapolis I ate lunch out every day and I was frequent visitor of Leeann Chin, a regional Chinese fast casual restaurant.  The price was right and boy was it yummy stuff. In fact, I ate so much that I enrolled in their loyalty program which was accessible via my cell number at checkout.  For every 10 purchases, I'd get a free meal.  (FYI - I ate so much that I feared the "Leeann Double Chin".  Haha.) Anyhows, fast forward to today.  Their promotional text encouraged me to download their new restaurant app.  In return, I’d get a free entrée – a value of about $10. You couldn’t stop me from downloading it if you tried; it was added to my phone within minutes.


As I compared it to other similar deals like D’Amico ($5 bonus), McDonalds (free sandwich) or Auntie Anne's (free pretzel), I started to think that these restaurants had something going on that really changed my behavior/attitude. Do you agree or know of any other restaurants offering similar incentives?  

Next time won’t you “App” with me?

If you haven’t already downloaded the Leeann Chip App, please do so now at and use the code JayeTho7329. Thanks for your support!
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