A “Pig” Idea!

a stuffed animal pig with a lightbulb over its head, symbolizing that its a good idea to use receipt hog

My latest venture in bringing home the “bacon” is with Receipt Hog, a fun and rewarding app that lets you earn real cash with your receipts – anywhere you shop on anything you buy.

“Sow”, how does it work?

Receipt Hog provides 2 main rewards for uploading receipts: spins and coins .• Receipts each gets you one spin on “Hog Slots” and one entry to a sweepstakes that pays out in coins (ranging from 20 to 5,000). For spins, most specialty chains partake like clothing, office, electronics, books, home improvement, furniture, and arts/crafts. • Receipt totals get you coins to put towards cash or gift card rewards which get paid out within just 7 days. For coins, all types of stores participate such as supermarkets, c-stops, mass merchants, drug chains, liquor stores, gas stations, and restaurants!

My life would be a “boar” without Receipt Hog.

Like many other things, shopping has become gamified. There is some fine print on how this “game” really works ranging from receipt limits, timeframe eligibility, etc. However, there are also some really neat features that make it worth it like monthly challenges to earn even more.

What type of contribution will this make to your “piggy bank”?

For me, I’m a moderate user of the app – uploading about 3 to 5 receipts/week (in less than 1 minute of my time) ranging from a quick fill-in trip to longer stock-up receipts that can be easily snapped in sections. Based on 3 months of activity, my annual forecast is 9000 coins or approximately $60 in gift cards or cash.

“Pork”-chop to it and download Receipt Hog (via my referral link so that I earn a few bonus spins)!

Just like I did, you can effortlessly make this part of your shopping routine. If money doesn’t motivate you, there is another for good reason: your receipts (which are anonymous) will influence brands’ and retailers’ decisions on assortment, pricing, etc. That’s good reason to “squeal” with delight!
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63 thoughts on “A “Pig” Idea!

  1. I love this app! I’ve totaled in about year around $140.00 in rewards!! It’s so simple and takes very little time!!

  2. Receipt Hog is awesome, I made $120.00 last year and I am almost at $90.00 this year so far!!

  3. Who doesn’t love earning rewards for things they’d normally buy and the challenges they add make it even more fun!

    1. Fair point. I have the same complaint, but do know that my mom once won one of the last purchase totals – so that reaffirms that someone wins sometimes!

  4. It’s a good app…with very little effort I cashed in for an amazon gift card. $30 for just a couple months of receipt collecting. ! It’s hogly and work at all!

  5. my family consists of my husband and I, 5 kids, and lots of pets! We have a box where we put our receipts to be snapped into Receipt Hog every night. Now we never have to worry about having a recieot to make a return or balance our accounts. I have them all right in my phone!!! Love it!

  6. Love receipt hog!
    Love the app cause it’s people friendly!
    Like getting rewards through Amazon and PayPal. It’s like having Christmas every month !
    Oink Oink!

  7. I love Reciept hog. You have your reciepts. Why not make cash on them. Just scan. And watch that money roll in.

  8. I love Hog Receipt!! I have my husband trained to always ask for a receipt. I’ve gotten several free things from Amazon and will work towards more!! If you are not applying your receipts to Hog Receipt, yours losing Monday!!!!!

  9. Ever think how many receipts people throw away? Well they can be yours! And how many times do you not get one. Always remember to ask for your receipt. Coffee shop, fast food, etc, etc, etc. Being a hog is a wonderful thing.

  10. I max our at a hundred per week and I enter way more than 3 to 4. Not sure what I am doing wrong

  11. Love receipt hog! Now that they also accept restaurants and gas purchases. I earn the coins so much faster.

  12. Love it! I cashed in $30 in about a year. And I sometimes forget to enter my receipts. :/. So easy!

  13. I enjoy watching the coin totals add up, make the pig oink. Lol. And when I earn spins it feels like I hit the big casino spins. Earn money for snapping pictures of reciepts, simple, and fun. Thanks Receipt Hog.

  14. I just love Receipt Hog!!!! I use it every chance I get!!!! Also, it’s a lot of fun. So far, I’ve already cashed out once. What a cool way to earn cash for so little effort.

  15. Love the Pig! Been using it for 2 years now. Have purchased several items for FREE from Amazon with the money I’ve earned. My kids give their receipts and tell me to “feed the pig”.

  16. I love receipt hog! Earning tickets and coins on purchases I have to make anyway. I’ve recommended it to family and friends, and my (1st year college)
    daughter began using it.

  17. I’ve been using Receipt Hog for about 4 months and have only made enough to cash in one $5 Amazon gift card. How are you all making so much more? I’m an avid shopper with a family of 3.

    1. My $60/annual spending is off of home, clothing, grocery, and restaurant purchases for a family of 4. Just recently, I started adding my gas receipts so expect my earnings to increase. Hope this gives you some perspective to gauge your own potential.

  18. I am a blogger too and I’m all about Receipt Hog, Ibotta and Swagbucks. I love Receipt Hog because it gives me coins on anything and anywhere I shop from. It’s a plus really. And it’s cheaper to redeem your coins for bigger cash so aim for the maximum and get more value from your coins.

  19. I just got my first prize, a $5 Walmart Gift Card, about 2 weeks ago! It came as a Gift Card in my phone, so using it was fun and easy! I’m ADDICTED to Receipt Hog! I recommend it 110%! ♡☆♡☆♡

  20. I love snapping away my receipts!!! Nothing is better than saving money and getting rewarded for shopping.

  21. I love using Receipt Hog. Similar apps are too complicated. Those pig-headed apps are restrictive and yield low rewards. 3 squeals for Receipt Hog!

  22. Love the app. I snap receipts about 6 times a week. I deleted candy crush for this and I’m happier.

  23. My husband calls me a “Receipt Queen” since I have to have my receipts to scan for Receipt Hog!! Love it!! Oink Oink!!

  24. I love Receipt Hog! I cashed in a few months ago and already got enough coins to do it again! It’s awesome ! I recommend it to all my friends!

  25. I love Receipt Hog! My biggest issue with them is snapping bar codes for extra coins, especially on my Target receipts! I’m not sure if it reads the code for Cartwheel savings as an item I’ve purchased, but I frequently DON’T get coins because it says quantities don’t match!

    1. Hmmm… I’ve never used that functionality before where you snap bar codes for extra points. If I try it out in the future, I’ll be sure to report back!

  26. Receipt Hog is the best! I dont make alot, maybe $5 or so in a 2 month period, but I love them all the same. Other apps would not allow me to use my prescription receipts because my meds are free, but this one does. Thank you Receipt Hog, for helping this low income mom surprise her little ones every once in a while!

  27. I love snapping away my receipts!!! Nothing is better than saving money and getting rewarded for shopping.

  28. Great post MoolaMom! You hit the nail on the head, Receipt Hog is one of our favorites as well. The name suits the app as the more receipts you feed the hog the bigger your piggy bank can get. And they are fair too, we have seen an average payout around $5-$7 in coins per month for those who are actively uploading. I haven’t hard from anyone who has actually won the sweepstakes though, that would be nice. Making money with your smartphone is fun and should always be free. Learn more at http://www.makesmartphonemoney.com

  29. I tried using the app but I’ve been wait listed. Any idea how long it takes to get off the wait list?

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