P-mail Pays!

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It’s not often that I believe a brands’ tagline, but InboxDollars delivers on its promise:  “The online rewards club that pays!”  

Via either its webpage or app, examples of its income avenues include reading paid emails*, taking surveys, searching the web, trying new offers, completing missions, watching videos, and more.

Personally, there are 2 sections I use on a daily basis: PaidEmail & Search.

Using the app, I simply open it and go to these sections under the header "Earn Cash". The emails pay out 2 cents each for viewing them and I get about 3 per day. The search generally gives 2 cents per 4 search terms, but sometimes rewards in sweeps points that can be put towards rewards that offer up to $250 in cash or giftcards at varying intervals - some weekly, others monthly. As a bonus, the app also rewards repeat behavior. For example, if you search 4 times per week you earn an extra $0.10. Alternatively, if you simply open the app once a day you get free sweeps; upon 5 consecutive days, more sweeps are given.

So, what's it worth to use InboxDollars?

I have been using this app now for 6 months and have accumulated $66.02 by only interacting with the app 1-2 minutes per day, with the exception of one high value in-store mission that was too good to pass up … equating to about $14.50/hour for my time spent engaging with the app and really making for a productive use of my downtime (that otherwise would have been spent playing Candy Crush)!

Even better are the perks!

There is $5 signup bonus and a generous “refer a friend” policy where they credit you 10% of the qualified earnings received by your referrals.   Once you give it a go, report back on your favorite section if you find it to be as efficient and effective as I did! If you aren’t already using InboxDollars , please thank me for introducing it to you by using my referral link.
  • Note - paid emails are rare in the industry, hence why I call attention to it in the post title!
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