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April, 2017

I live and die by all things iced coffee so this sample of Caveman Coffee NITRO Cold Brew was a no-brainer to review; I couldn't wait for the package to arrive and to get my taste buds on a new brand and style of the good stuff.  And, neither could "Moola Dad" because he instantly cracked one open (without asking, mind you) on day #1 when working late at night on the computer. It got a thumbs up from him, but I quickly squirreled away the other 3 cans and savored their flavor over 3 separate mornings ... 1st while standing at the bus stop with my kids, 2nd while enjoying a breakfast of glazed lemon bread, and 3rd while just chilling out with a magazine on my deck.  Each was a fine moment made finer with this product in my hand.

May, 2017

Bathing suit season is around the corner and I've been gearing up with lots of physical activity to get in shape.  For example, I'm regularly pounding the pavement round the chain of lakes near my home and shaking my groove thing at my biweekly Urban Pop Dance classes.  While the results are showing up (i.e. bye-bye baby weight and hello license weight), my body is achy and sore and tired and every other similar adjective.  So when the pitch to review these Maple Holistics Lavendar Bath Salts showed up, I said heck yes.  Plus ,it gave me a legitimate reason to spend an extra 20 minutes in my bathroom oasis and enjoy some long overdue R&R which the lavender scent only accentuated and made more perfect.

 June, 2017

Individually, I played Ocean Raiders by LogicRoots with my kids, Palmer (6.5yr) and Neil (5yr).  Their response to the awesome underwater adventure board game was summed up with Palmer’s quote: “Yeah, I could bring this to school … but, they’d end up keeping it so let’s not bring it to school yet because I want to play it again at our house.”  That’s a success if you ask me!  From start to finish, the game took us about 35 minutes and was a wonderful way to practice our math skills while having fun, quality time as a family.  The best part of the game for Neil was winning (go figure) and the worst part was when he got a typhoon move from sector 37 to 10. Along with reinforcing left brain math concepts like number identification, sequence, and counting it also introduced my kids to many new vocabulary words such as “sector”, “raider”, and “beware”. All and all - for this reasonable price, I think the game will totally be my next go-to, STEM birthday gift.
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