To promote my blog and to grow readership, I will be offering a quarterly giveaway. I encourage you to participate in this opportunity!

You have my word;  this is a legit raffle that is very easy to enter with no tricks or strings attached. Just a few clicks and you are entered! And, the likelihood of winning is usually very high as this is not overly promoted or filled with bot entries ... the odds typically average less than 1/100 to win!

Current Raffles

a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway

Past Winners

 Time Frame  Winner
2016, Q1 Tracie C.
2016, Q2 Ashley L.
2016, Q3 Noemi P.
2016, Q4 Jaye T.
2017, Q1 Rich T.
2017, Q2 Man N.
2017, Q3 Alison T.
2017, Q4 Tom K.
2018,  Q1 Enter Now … In Progress!