Coin FUNnells

Ever wonder what to call that big plastic thingamabob kids love so much where a coin is released from the launch pad and then watched spinning around and around (and around…) until finally dropping into the accumulating donation abyss? Spoiler alert:  it's a coin funnel!

These contraptions can be found in all types of public spaces like malls, amusement parks, charity events, office buildings, and the such. A few years ago, my kids and I encountered one at our local zoo, Como Park, and have since made it a tradition to stop and play it at each visit (note - see Moola Kids' action video here).  It’s mindless fun and the money goes to a good cause so who am I to stop the fun? Call me crazy, but I was trying to share this memory with my friend the other day and I was at a loss for words as to what to call the darn thing.  The best I could come up with was “Crazy Change Collector”, but that just didn’t seem right.  So, I continued to brainstorm alternative names for this whatchamacallit:  Money Twister, Penny Chaser, Nickel Roller, Dime Dropper, Quarter Orbiter, Curvy Catcher, Gravity Well, Hourglass Hole, Spare Funds Spinner, Interactive Donation Box, and finally Savings Chute.  In the end, I took to Google and found the most common term to be Hyperbolic Funnel or Coin Funnel TM. Who knew? Well, now you know it's a coin funnel!  Even better... you can get your own Mini-Well Vortx® coin bank for a $5 discount if you enter “MOOLAMOM” as the Coupon Code through our vendor partner, Spiral Wishing Wells
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