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a graduation hat, diploma, and cash symbolizing the cost of education that box tops can help minimizeA story about why Box Tops for Education is also good for Community.

“Neighborly” is defined as the characteristic of being a good neighbor, especially being helpful, friendly, or kind.  Clearly, the degree to which each measures up on the “neighborly” scale varies, but I found a key to success that works like a (lucky) charm in making me the most neighborly of all:  Box Tops for Education. My children don’t yet attend elementary school, but I buy and clip Box Tops religiously. Why?  Well, every few months my neighbor does something awesome for me like lending me coveted space in her recycling bin, shoveling snow off my sidewalk when I’m not in town, lending me sriracha sauce when I run out, etc.  In return, I not only return similar favors but I also give her a quarterly bag of Box Tops. At $0.10 per Box Top, my earnings are about $4 per 3 month period; over 1 year this averages to $12. This neighbor in particular is the Box Top Coordinator at our local school and definitely appreciates the contribution, which in fact is 1.2% of their annual goal of $1000.  Ultimately, this money is put toward anything the school needs like computers, books, or playground equipment. My Box Top donation costs nothing more than a few seconds of time here or there - boosting not only my neighborhood street cred but also my own goodwill towards a school that my kids will attend in the coming years.  I encourage you to make change one dime at a time too; the idea really is a cut above!
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