$20 Break

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After finding out that $20 is the most common amount carried in cash, I figured out a suggested break-down that best optimizes the $20 into bills and coins.

Look It Up

A survey from Bankrate found that  most common amount carried in cash is less than $20 and that 40% of consumers (varying by gender, age, and income) carry less than that on a daily basis. In general, $20 makes sense because it would meet your needs on a daily basis, save your butt in a short-term crisis, and not break the bank if lost/stolen. Personally, it gives me peace of mind to have $20 petty cash both in my car, purse, and work/home junk drawer ... you just never know when it will come in handy, do you?

Break It Down

So, let’s say $20 is the right amount. After contemplating it (because I got “dime” for that), below is how I would break a $20 to make the most combinations of exact change.  And, good thing too because a post from Lifehacker agrees with me! - $10 bill (1) - $5 bill (1) - $1 bill (4) - $0.75 in quarters (3) - $0.10 in dime (1) - $0.10 in nickels (2) - $0.05 in pennies (5)
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