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picture of a dime for my post on amazon prime day

Not A Dime on Prime Day

I partook in Amazon Prime Day, but didn’t save a penny, nickel, or dime. Either way, I’m still a fan of the event and sees it’s value for other people’s shopping escapades.

money origami

March Mathness Leads to Money Origami

I just participated in “March Mathness” with my children and found myself quite talented at making money origami!

work from home

For Gigness Sakes

At first, I was skeptic of the all-too-good-to-be-true stories of people that work from home and make a gainful living.  But the more I put that judgment aside and sought to understand, the more I realized that it works quite well for some people – including myself. Read More …


50/30/20 Piece of Advice

Budge over, people and make room for a new budget analysis tool! When my family’s income lost a zero in it a few years back, we had to make some cuts, shifts, and changes to our spending levels.  In researching new ways to analyze it, I came across the 50/30/20 rule and wanted to share out how it worked for me. Read More …

coin funnel

Coin FUNnells

Ever wonder what to call that big plastic thingamabob kids love so much where a coin is released from the launch pad and then watched spinning around and around (and around…) until finally dropping into the accumulating donation abyss?
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an artist planning their next thing for my pixers post

I Live To Change

Moola Mom adds a few finishing touches to her home after a remodel to give it some warmth, fun, and excitement. Check out what she found on Pixers and stay tuned for more changes in the future. Read More …

arm wrestles with money to title my post on gym fees

Gym Justi”fee”cation

It’s time to disclose how much I pays for a gym fees and it isn’t cheap! Watch me battle out the costs vs. the benefits of my work-out membership.
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a keyboard and a mouse, for the cover of my post about paste and go

Paste and Save Big Time/Money

Want a faster way to search?  Try “Paste and Go”, a mouse function that saves time versus the keyboard or mouse alternative. This computer hack is pretty nifty and has the potential to re-purpose 3 years of the world’s time! So,  what are you waiting for? Go on, and learn more about it! Read More …

Happy “News” Year!

I publish a quarterly newsletter to update fans on behind-the-scenes information pertaining to my blogging escapades.  No fake news here so sign up now to receive the next/newest installment fresh to your inbox or flip through old archives on the site! Read More …

christmas cash

Christmas Cash

Moola Mom’s kids sure cleaned up with Christmas cash this holiday by getting some very popular money-themed stocking stuffers and  presents. See how excited they got by read this short and sweet post! Read More …

a down and up arrow for mobile check deposit post

The Download on the Upload

Managing money on the move with my bank’s app that offers mobile check deposit is a staggering time-saving option!  Read on the find out the ups, downs, and all-arounds of my experience with this techie product offering. Read More …

a woman holding a bag to demonstrate gifts gotten from Swagbucks

Bag Fulla Swag

Now, I’m no celebrity (yet) … but, I do dream of the day that I get doted on with event swag-bags full of cool stuff. Until then, I make do with the next best thing:  Swagbucks App.  Read More …

set of neutral colored pencils

Neutral is the New Black

One of my go-to tricks for saving $$$ is buying items in neutral colors.  This rule of choice is non-regrettable, easy, and helpful to your budget! Read More …

familiarity bias needs change to be avoided

Latest( and Greatest

Familiarity bias has a strong effect on what you buy. There are often better options out there instead of just sticking with what you know.  So, change up your comfort zone and expand your horizons like I did with – a growing new retailer offering the latest, high quality, affordable home decor and furnishings. Read on to learn more about my newfound familiarness with this bias and this brand. Read More …