Bingo 1


You may not be part of the fiercely loyal subculture that screams out “bingo!” over 1 million times a day at casinos, church basements, or the like … but I haven’t met a person yet that doesn’t enjoy a round of game play every now and again – with the hopes of winning big.   Now,…

Ownership Cropped

It’s junk. But, it’s MY junk.

What is the one object in your house (i.e. closet, garage, etc.) that you hang onto and avoid parting with at all costs? Now ask yourself:  Under what conditions do I truly need it? If not mine, how much would I be willing to pay for it? Is my life better as a result of…

Bday 5

Happy Birthdays to You

Combining a birthday celebration with siblings is practical, but with friends can be ingenious!  In full transparency, I have yet to try this out myself from a host standpoint – but, I have attended 2 such birthday parties and both really got me thinking of the potential… Positive Aspects Saves Money: Our budget for birthday…

Rental Cropped

Bent on Renting

Despite my obsession with both Ryan Gossling and Steve Carrell, I haven’t yet seen “The Big Short”.  I think the reason is because the housing bubble collapse of mid-2000s hit too close to home (literally).  In 2004 I purchased my condo for $196k and then put about $25k of equity into it for a new…

Big Tip 6 Cropped

Gracious Gratuities

Perhaps you’ve experienced perfect service, are wealthy enough for it not to matter, or just had an extremely hot server and thought to yourself … I should pull a solid and leave a 100% tip. A tangential benefit to this approach is that it takes the daunting task of tipping math out of the equation as you…

One In One Out_v3

One In, One Out

Everything I needed to know about shopping, I learned at a nightclub.   Let me explain. Meet the person in college who left piles of shopping bags on the floor corner, who double hung clothing on hangers, who shoved so much into the drawers that the bottoms fell out. That was me years ago and one day when…

Petty Cash 4

Petty Cash

In today’s day and age why would anyone need any cash at all?  Building on a previous post ($20 Break), I thought it might be useful to highlight some of the many reasons that $20 cash might come in handy. For example: getting cash discounts, making untraceable purchases, splitting a bill, tipping, paying tolls, dodging…

Play-Doh Cropped


To see what all the hype was about, I recently gave homemade Play-Doh a trial run.  Here’s how that played out: First impression?  “My kids will love this!  I’ll finally earn “super-mom” status! Plus, my wallet will thank me!” Where to begin? “Hold up. How many recipes are there for this? According to Google, 480,000.…

Tips 3

Tipping Tips

Does the 8th grade math student within you cringe when you get to part of your restaurant adventure where the bill comes and you are forced to do a tip calculation on the fly? Instead of whipping out your smartphone’s calculator or scratching a numerical algorithm on the back of a napkin, try some of my handy…

Giveaway Cropped

Hooray 4 Giveaways!

To promote my blog and to grow readership in the first year, I will be offering quarterly giveaways of $25 gift cards. I encourage you and your friends to participate in this opportunity now.  Luck, not skill, will choose a winner … and chances are it could be you!