energy saving habit shown by a pic of a man at window pulling open the shade

Nothing Shady Here

Stepping out of the shade and into the light has never been easier with this new energy saving habit. Join me in daily moola gains by adjusting your shades! Habit Highlight Part…

at a football game the coach flip a coin

It’s Going to be a Coin Toss.

There is no waiting until Gameday to flip a coin. It’s my go-to trick for dispute resolution, wisdom transference, math lessons, or playtime with Moola Kids.

a guy wrapping a package to mail symbolizing an eBay review

“Me”Bay – I Sell for Me on eBay!

There is a wide spectrum of options available for getting rid of or acquiring stuff and each has its own sweet spot. Personally, I place my bids on eBay as one of my loved choices for selling in an online marketplace.

abcs of the restaurant app

ABCs of Restaurant Apps

Apps + Bonuses = Content Customers

italian money to symbolize the oldest bank

The Knowledge Bank

I’m banking on the fact that you don’t already knowing which establishment is the oldest bank in continuing operation. ¡Sorpresa – it’s Italiano!

a challkboard with the words tax free

Taxing Off!

I take advantage of shopping tax free at home and on vacation, freeing up 5% or more in extra spending cash. Read on to see my simple approach!

a computer mouse on top of money, symbolizing my post on ebates review

And my Clio Goes to… Ebates!

Ebates, a company offering cash back for online shopping, upheld its TV commercial promise and delivered in every way. Check out my Ebates review and start using it for yourself now!

an envelope with no postage symboilizing free hand delivery

Hand Deliver”Free”

Hand delivery is a handy tip on how to save money on postage. It may be a bit manual, but man the savings can add up over time. Open this virtual mail now!

tooth fairy amount

Twoth Fairy

I’m gonna leave some theoretical advice under the pillow regarding the Tooth Fairy amount ($2) given to my Moola Kids on those special days. What do you think … am I pearly”right”?

a man made out of fruit and vegetable, titling my blog post on cooking hacks

Produce Productivity

Gardeners sure know the best dirt, but I have secrets to share too. To start off a series of posts on the topic, this entry highlights 10 cooking hacks associated with harvested fruits (F) and vegetables (V) that are sure to maximize your time in the kitchen!