a man made out of fruit and vegetable, titling my blog post on cooking hacks

Produce Productivity

Gardeners sure know the best dirt, but I have secrets to share too. To start off a series of posts on the topic, this entry highlights 10 cooking hacks associated with harvested fruits (F) and vegetables (V) that are sure to maximize your time in the kitchen!

a cell phone with online shopping and digital app icons depicting the app called ibotta

I Gotta Ibotta

Cut it out!  Believe me when I say that I get cash for coupons in a modernized way with a digital app called Ibotta.  Click away on the popular trend of e-clipping, which has me and my team earning some mega-moola.

an empty wallet to symbolize a weak wage offered by a focus group payout

Don’t Short-Change Your Focus Group Participants

Focused on the payouts offered by focus group facilities, I’m challenging status quo to request a fair and equitable rate for services rendered.

a green tin foil candy wrapper for an article called candy grams

Candy Grams

Reference this list of money-themed sweet treats the next time you need a thoughtful, yet inexpensive gift for any monetary occasion!

a woman with a purse staring at the sea contemplating retail therapy

Stuck in Purse-atory

I “purse”onally dealt with a death in the family in a strange way; in denial, I turned to shopping to salve the sadness – defining retail therapy.

an orange gift card to relay my post on spending gift cards

Gift Chards (a.k.a. Gift Cards, Spelled with a Silent H)

Gift cards aren’t always the perfect gift. Despite boasting no expiration date or fees, I checked the balance on mine and found big opportunity areas.


Full of Garbage

Talk trash with me and discovers that it really can be cheap. No time to waste; become a garbage “compactor” today with these down and dirty tips!

a blue bank or school representing back-to-school shopping is costly

It’s Bank-to-School Season!

When gearing up for back-to-school shopping season, I compare my totals to the national average, demonstrating the extra costs of education.

an impossible triangle, symbolizing triangle savings


There are 3 sides to every story. Let this passage about triangles’ trifecta effect on time, quality, and money shape your mind!

a bag of money with value-driven key words in it, symbolizing collective spending power

Peaceful Change

Rediscover power in numbers when activating change in today’s world. This collective spending power will make you think twice before you buy!